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  My name is Jennifer Moore and I have always had a passion for horses. I am always striving to learn as much as I can about every breed and color of horse. That knowledge is used everytime that I paint a model.  

  You can see in the details that I try to make every model look as if it is alive.  Each model is painted with love and attention to detail. I consider each model a work of art.

  My models have competed both Nationally and Internationally and have been awarded many Championships. Please visit the gallery pages and the awards page to view some of these models.

  I consider this to be a hobby and not a business, so I do not accept commissions.

  I will be offering up a few sales pieces from time to time here on my website to help cover the costs of supplies and to keep me with models to paint. So make sure that you check the sales page for new models.

  If you would like to inquire on how you can own one of these treasures please email me at...